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From September to December 2012, Outback Camel Company owner Andrew Harper and a team of cameleers worked on the film adaptation of Robyn Davidson's book Tracks. Andrew was the head cameleer, responsible for sourcing the camels used in the film, camel travelling logistics and advising director John Curran on the various intricacies of camelology. Locations included the Flinders Ranges and Coffin Bay in South Australia and Uluru and Kings Creek Station in the Northern Territory.

Australian actress Mia Wasikowska plays Robyn, with Adam Driver as National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan.


We had a total team of 19 camels recruited for the film with two OCC camels, Istan & Morgan taking two of the four lead roles. The other lead camels were Mona & Mindie, who are owned by Ryan and Natalie MacMIllan from Flinders and Beyond Camels, Arkaroola.


Morgan, who played Dookie, first met Robyn in 2006. He is one of Australia's most widely travelled camels, having walked right across the country with Andrew in 1999. Lead camel Istan was bought by Andrew in 2003 and was also used as a riding camel for cameleer John Wilkinson. Istan and Morgan also crossed the Simpson Desert with Andrew on his solo reconnXpedition2012, although one is never alone when travelling with camels...


Tracks had its debut in Australia at the Adelaide Film Festival in October 2013 and was released nationally in March 2014.

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