Great Desert Walks 2022

Walking Australia's deserts since 1976

Be prepared for the real thing - ready to learn, discover, walk and live in the vast wilderness of the Australian desert.
Our camel team will enable you to explore and experience the Outback in a way that you may never have thought

possible - reconnecting you to the landscape as you walk through the Simpson Desert - the world's largest parallel sand ridge desert, and the driest area on our continent.


The Outback Camel Company has been exploring all the Australian desert's since 1976 and we believe that packcamels are still the best way to explore Australia's great deserts with the smallest environmental padprint possible.

Our trips begin where the roads stop - in fact if ever contemporary walking treks were described as 'off the beaten track' these would be it - there are no tracks or roads where we go and in most cases we are blazing a new path across the red dunes, alongside inland river systems, and across vast gibber flats and claypans.


Trekking with our amiable, charismatic camels offers an intimacy with the soul of the country that is completely

absent when travelling by vehicle, and allows a continuum of discovery,

which is important to understanding the heart of the land.

We will be trekking in 2022 - itinerary released on November 30 2021


Simpson Desert

Northern Territory & South Australia


Big Sandhill Country