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The Outback Camel Company has been exploring the vast deserts of inland Australia since 1976 when legendary Outback tour pioneer Rex Ellis successfully completed Australia's first commercial camel expedition - across the Simpson Desert.

Using our string of packcamels to carry all the supplies and equipment, we continue to honour the tradition of the pioneering 'Afghan' cameleers who played such a crucial role in the exploration, development and sustenance of inland Australia.


Our camels represent one of the last living links to the golden days of exploration by camel in Australia, as we are the only camel operator in the country that actively and continually explores all of the continents great deserts without restricting ourselves to one area.


In 2024 we will have some short treks travelling through the Strzelecki Desert and Sturt Stony Desert in northern South Australia. We had originally set our 2024 walking itinerary in the Simpson Desert, however the widespread impending floods will prevent us from reaching the areas that we had planned.

Walking alongside our camels is a natural, calm and effective way to learn about the beautiful Australian deserts. Our camel string is totally self-sufficient - there are neither back-up vehicles nor wagons - which not only enables us to travel almost anywhere in the true style of the explorers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, but also provides an authentic, back-to-basics and comprehensive Australian 'bush experience'.

Our treks are participation based experiences and your active involvement is greatly appreciated by the cameleers, and you will be asked to contribute to the operation of your trek or expedition, assisting them with the daily tasks. The comprehensive pre-departure information will help to ensure that you are well prepared for the enriching experience of working with the camels. Duties may include shepherding them in the mornings & evenings whilst they feed and, under the supervision of the cameleers, helping to saddle the camels and load the equipment. But if you don't wish to work close to the camels, then that's ok too, as there are always plenty of other jobs you can help with.


Your Outback Camel Company cameleers cook all the meals on the campfire but assistance from aspiring chefs is always welcome!


Our treks and expeditions are definitely not camel riding safaris and the experience is not about conquering the desert - our treks & expeditions encompass a wide range of experiences from extreme desert adventure, discovery of indigenous habitation sites, remote desert bushwalking, observation of the minute and complex arid ecology and the simple & heartening thrill of just being out there, unshackled from the restrictions of modern society.

For many people a camel trek or expedition ultimately represents a holistic journey of inner discovery and a pivotal moment in their lives, as the pace of nomadic life re-awakens their senses, becoming attuned to the life, beauty, diversity and moods of the surrounding desert.



Our History

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