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All treks begin and conclude in Birdsville, western Queensland.

All treks begin at 1030hrs on the first day listed on the trek schedule.

For example:

The Eastern Simpson Desert 2 Trek runs from June 7 to June 17. Therefore the survey begins in Birdsville at 1030AM on June 7 and will conclude in Birdsville in the late afternoon of June 17.

In previous years we have included air travel from Brisbane in our trek price, however we are now no longer able to do this and so you are responsible for organising your flights and all accommodation.


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There are 4 ways to get to Birdsville:

Fly via scheduled domestic service (Qantas, Rex) from Brisbane to Mount Isa the day BEFORE your survey begins. Overnight in Mount Isa, then the next morning take the scheduled domestic service with Rex Airlines from Mount Isa to Birdsville. This flight arrives in Birdsville at 1030AM. You will be met at the airport and the trek officially begins.


Fly via scheduled domestic service with Rex Airlines the day BEFORE your survey begins. This flight arrives in Birdsville at 1430. Overnight in Birdsville, see the accommodation options listed below. 

Your trek will begin at 1030AM the following morning.


You may elect to drive to Birdsville. All roads to Birdsville are unsealed.

  • Highway 83 from Mount Isa to Birdsville is sealed except for 9kms at the Eyre Creek crossing. If there has been significant rain, then this section of road will be closed.

  • The Birdsville Track is unsealed from Marree to Birdsville.

  • The Windorah Road is unsealed from Birdsville to the highway 12/14 junction, then sealed to Windorah.


Ride a bike/walk/levitate


When you pay your deposit for your desert trek, you MUST then immediately book your flights to Birdsville (if you are intending to fly).

Why? - Because seat numbers on Rex from Brisbane to Birdsville, and from Mount Isa to Birdsville are limited.


We will hold your deposit for 24 hours whilst you book your flights.

If you cannot get a seat on the day you need to and so cannot attend the desert trek,

we will refund that deposit in full.

If you 'forget' to book your flights and think "I'll do it next month" and you cannot then get a seat,

then you have forfeited your deposit.

 But there is an easy way!

We can book and arrange your flights and accommodation for you when you make your trek deposit

If we don't book it for you, then we will ask how you are getting to Birdsville and where you are staying, so we will know where to pick you up at 1030AM on the first day of your trip. We also need to know this if your flight is delayed.


Birdsville's population is about 150, however due to the various major events held each year (with over 10,000 visitors) and the towns place in Outback culture, it is very well serviced for accommodation. 

Everything in Birdsville is within walking distance.

The accommodation options are:

  • Birdsville Caravan Park. Campsites and self contained budget units are available.

       Bookings 07 4656 3214.

  • Birdsville Lodge. Single, twin and double rooms, shared communal kitchen.

       Bookings 07 4656 3214.

  • Birdsville Hotel. Motel units.

       Bookings 07 4656 3244 

Meals are available at:

  • The Birdsville Hotel

  • Karrawa Wirinya Coffee - breakfast and light lunch

  • The Birdsville Bakery

  • The Birdsville Roadhouse has the towns only shop if you need to stock up on snacks

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