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Camels in Australia

Camels were first brought to Australia in large numbers for the Burke & Wills Expedition in 1860, and our camels are the descendants of those camels that were subsequently imported in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. 

Our business represents the living link to that epic journey of almost 163 years ago. Using our string of packcamels to carry all the supplies and equipment, we also continue to honour the tradition of the pioneering 'Afghan' cameleers who played such a crucial role in the exploration, development and sustenance of inland Australia.

Our camels travel in a ‘string’ or caravan, with each camel tied to the one in front. When working with the camels you will be under the supervision of our experienced cameleers, so don’t be concerned if you have had no previous camel (or large animal) handling experience. And if you don't wish to help out, then that's ok too!

With their distinctive character, travelling with these patient and hard-working gentle giants is an unforgettable experience and you will quickly discover why these majestic animals are perfectly suited to desert trekking. Travelling with the camel string allows a closer connection with the desert and the opportunity for us to re-connect to the simplicities of life, reflecting on a bygone era of travel when the importance was perhaps the journey itself and not just arrival at the destination.

..."as the days passed, our relationship with the animals grew stronger.

They had great personalities and we delighted in observing their antics...they were all individuals and we loved them".

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