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About Us

Be prepared for the real thing - ready to learn, discover, walk and live in the vast wilderness of the Australian desert.
Our camel team will enable you to explore and experience the Outback in a way that you may never have thought possible - reconnecting you to the landscape as you walk through the Simpson Desert - the continents driest area and the world's largest parallel sand ridge desert.


The Outback Camel Company has been exploring all the Australian desert's since 1976 and we believe that packcamels are still the best way to explore Australia's great deserts with the smallest environmental padprint possible.


Our trips begin where the roads stop - in fact if ever contemporary walking treks were described as 'off the beaten track' these would be it - there are no tracks or roads where we go and in most cases we are blazing a new path across the red dunes, alongside inland river systems, and across vast gibber flats and claypans.


Trekking with our amiable, charismatic camels offers an intimacy with the soul of the country that is completely absent when travelling by vehicle, and allows a continuum of discovery, which is important to understanding the heart of the land.


Our treks and expeditions are definitely not camel riding safaris and the experience is not about conquering the desert - our treks & expeditions encompass a wide range of experiences from extreme desert adventure, discovery of indigenous habitation sites, remote desert bushwalking, observation of the minute and complex arid ecology and the simple & heartening thrill of just being out there, unshackled from the restrictions of modern society.

For many people a camel trek or expedition ultimately represents a holistic journey of inner discovery and a pivotal moment in their lives, as the pace of nomadic life re-awakens their senses, becoming attuned to the life, beauty, diversity and moods of the surrounding desert.


Since 1995, company owner Andrew Harper has walked a great deal more than 20000 desert kilometres, including a solo crossing of the entire continent. His ethos for these trips is simple - provide travellers with a real experience of discovery that is grounded in the grand traditions of Australian desert exploration.


You will not forget the camaraderie, the seemingly endless vistas, the brilliant evening glow of the southern stars, the captivating serenity of the clear day and pure thundering silence of the night, and of course the remarkable attributes of our camels.


Red desert sands can beckon us in mysterious ways - call it 'the romance of the desert' -

but whatever the appeal is, a journey with our ships of the desert is . . .

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one of Australia's great desert travel experiences

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