The Outback Camel Company has been exploring the vast deserts of inland Australia since 1976 when outback tour pioneer Rex Ellis successfully completed Australia's first commercial camel expedition -  across the Simpson Desert.


Our camels are the descendants of those camels brought to Australia for the Burke & Wills Expedition in 1860, and we are the living link to that epic journey of 157 years ago. Using our string of packcamels to carry all the supplies and equipment, we also continue to honour the tradition of the pioneering 'Afghan' cameleers who played such a crucial role in the exploration, development and sustenance of inland Australia.


We believe that the best way to learn about the beautiful Australian deserts is to walk and live in them - and our journeys represent the most effective way to do this. Our camel string is totally self-sufficient – there are neither back-up vehicles nor wagons – which not only enables us to travel almost anywhere in the true style of the explorers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, but also provides an authentic, comprehensive but back-to-basics Australian 'bush experience'.


2014 marked the last year of operating a full season of commercial treks & expeditions, and in 2018, except for our Bare Sole Trek, we will be working exclusively for Australian Desert Expeditions on their scientific & ecological surveys, still travelling through some of the Simpson Desert's most remote areas.

The camel string crossing the dunes in the Simpson Desert 50kms west of Birdsville.



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