BARE SOLE TREK 2019 dates announced in December 2018






People have been walking around the Simpson Desert for, well, since before time. The Wangangurra people of the eastern Simpson believe that Munga Thirri - big sandhill country - has always been there since time began, and their ancestors have always lived and walked there.


Walking country is a fundamental human activity but in contemporary times, people seldom walk anywhere anymore. That basic and very tangible connection to our natural world has been eroded, and consequently it can be easy for people to feel slightly adrift, as the demands of modern life consume them.


Whilst purposeful wandering is certainly healthy, a focused re-balancing is also a good thing to have. When we experience our bare and unfettered soul we find truth and wisdom that enables us to visualise our path ahead. This is a gentle immersing and a deep connecting with our own soul, a finding of peace within that is always present, a remembering we never forget.


Where better to come home to your own soul than walking on country that retains the vast wisdom of alive stillness? Join us for 7 days of immersion in a unique experience that can bare your soul back to yourself.


Walking a desert wilderness accompanied by packcamels, is truly a remarkable experience. It's about space, solitude, silence and balance. We will be walking daily, with mindful awareness, alongside our camel companions and a human team of individuals dedicated to ecological preservation.


This unique opportunity to walk in rhythm with nature presents us with space to relearn our own natural rhythms and to feel, with every step we take and every breath we breathe, the magic of being alive.


The desert provides a sense of space that is comforting, and intriguing at the same time. The desert has a physical presence. This ancient landscape, layered with stories. Solitude travels quietly in this landscape. It is at home here.


You live with the varying degrees of desert silence all day. There is the dawn silence, the thunderous night silence, the silent whisks of fluttering spinifex stalks on the warm gusts of dune crest breezes when ascending the dunes tops. All these endless contortions of silence that constitute a desert day will recharge your mind.


And be prepared for a new concept of time.

Living all day in a landscape, there is no boundary between outside & inside, night or day, warm or cold. There is just 'the day'. No 'time of day'.

Our modern sense of time, of being 'on time' is happily and necessarily discarded, as useless as the thought of 'being late'.  You can't be late in a landscape where time is dictated by the phases of the moon and the rotation of the sun. Lunchtime becomes mid day. First light becomes wake up. Last light becomes sleep time. The body returns to the ancient diurnal rhythm, synchronized with that night/day cycle. Balance.


As we reconnect with our own and each other's fragile and vulnerable humanness - which is implicit when we walk in the vast Australian outback - we have the opportunity to discover resilience, strength and wisdom that were previously hidden. Often our busy day-to-day lives, and conditioning of how we "should" be, obscure our real truths. Walking and living in the desert invites a deep recognition of how fragility and strength walk side by side. As we strip back to uncover these truths, we can recognise how much more potential each of us has. This can open a doorway to understanding how deeply interconnected we truly are.


And as we evolve into our empathy and compassion for self and others, our ability to envision our own path ahead becomes simpler, easier and more natural. We humans are so good at making our lives complicated and drama filled, but what happens when the complications and drama dissolve like dew under the desert morning sun? We are left with clarity, vision, and the potential to move forward in our lives.


Kira Kay will be guiding daily meditation activities, and facilitating dream sharing and open space to discover more of you. The meditation tools can offer you simple integrative practices that can go home with you as you continue to walk your own path in life. Some of these practices will include uniting breath and body awareness in walking; listening to nature talking; understanding shadows and light; opening into dreaming under the vastness of the Milky Way; calling forth and naming your inner dreams and vision, as well as answering your own evolving vision questions from your own soul.


Your facilitators on Walking with Mindfulness will be Kira Kay and Kazzie Mahina, assisted by Outback Camel Company cameleers.




Since 1995 Kira Kay has facilitated individuals, communities and companies to develop their meditation, intuition and self-understanding to enhance holistic practical outcomes. Kira's journey began in the Australian outback as a child and has included time with various renowned spiritual teachers as well as elders of indigenous people, to deeply delve into and understand the phenomenon of intuition/inner wisdom.


Meditation and self-inquiry have been tools for Kira's own awakening to truth. They form the basis of what she offers in residential retreats and classes, and in one-on-one counselling. With a background in business and a life-long commitment to social responsibility, Kira facilitates her work with humour and passion. Her grounded, everyday approach leaves people with real tools to practice and develop their own understanding of truth.

Kazzie Mahina:  Ethical Entrepreneur; body-centered Mindfulness Coach; Growing up in coastal Australia, frolicking and surfing the waves of both the ocean and life, Kazzie has embarked on a body centered life approach. Dance, modeling, yoga, surfing, free-diving, skiing have all featured as both tools to learn and forms to professionally teach. Kazzie’s love of the ocean and her creative imagination lead her to become one of the first professional mermaids in the world. Evolving mermaiding into a creative and innovative ethical business of eco friendly Mer’Fins (safe, slip on/off mermaid fins) empowering women and girls to discover their own passion for swimming, whilst deepening their connection to nature and inspiring a spirit of care with our natural world. Throughout the past 15 years Kazzie has pursued her own intensive self-discovery and meditation under the guidance of Kira Kay and other leading meditation facilitators. Combining her passions for marine ecology, body-centered awareness, meditation and human consciousness potential, along with ten years of entrepreneurial experiences, Kazzie’s unique skill set offers an authentic doorway into mindfulness and meditation facilitation whilst ‘being in the world’.








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